June 8-9, 2017: CIAPE in Glasgow for the 2nd meeting of New Start

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CIAPE attended the second meeting of the New Start project in Glasgow, together with the other consortium partners from Germany, Spain and UK.

The project deals with the challenge of integrating adult migrants and refugees, by fostering the acquisition of European values and culture, and the meeting has been the occasion to internally share the outputs achieved to date as well as to fix the next schedule and deadlines. In particular:

  • All the partners have produced and evaluated, thanks to the collaboration of many national experts, a number of training methodologies and strategies to be applied by trainers in classroom settings. CIAPE was responsible for the “European culture at workplace” module, and the Glasgow meeting has been the occasion to share that – and the other modules – with the whole consortium;
  • CIAPE has also presented to the consortium partners the results and tips emerging from the expers’ analysis of the abovementioned training modules;
  • During the coming months, the partners will be engaged with the finalization of the training methodologies, as well as with the design and setup of the materials foreseen by each of them;
  • The next consortium meeting will be held in Rome, on 25-26 January 2017: there, the partners will start the design of the learners’ curricula, in order to finally test them on the target group.

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