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High quality services at European level for learning promotion




CIAPE is the Italian Centre for Permanent Learning, a non profit private organisation. It exists as an Association of Learners to promote the development of a learning society through the provision of a quality and comprehensive system of adult learning and education which is accessible to and inclusive of all.

CIAPE is the transnational coordinator of the , a network involving businesses and VET organisations from 20 different countries in a European Network for the certification of learning outcomes deriving from apprenticeships experiences. CIAPE is a member of the CEDEFOP “European Qualifications Framework – Credit Transfer In VET” and of the “Quality Assurance in VET” communities. CIAPE implements research and training activities aimed at the development and validation of transversal skills as well as of the new skills required by the labour market.

Ciape is an innovative project, born with the aim to lead to success a constantly changing community.
Only lifelong learning can guarantee the individual competitiveness in a global labour market.
But training offer must be reshaped, and focused on the new exigencies of adult learners, often busy and with very specific goals.
CIAPE proposes innovative and effective solutions suiting to the new socio-economic situation. The key-words: self-fulfilment, occupability, professional adaptability, active citizenship and social inclusion.


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High level experience in the management of regional, national and European projects in cooperation with training centres, universities and research centres

Involvement in Projects concerning adult education, new green skills, innovative learning media (mobile learning), entrepreneurship, gender equality, workplace safety, counselling, new professional profiles for different economic sectors


Organisation of international training courses addressed to trainers and consultants for continuous updating on innovative training methods and contents; and to policy makers, top managers and public organisation managers for the benchmarking of best practices.

Development of innovative ideas to ensure the accessibility of learning to a wide range of target groups, such as students, NEETs, seniors, professionals and groups at risk


Ad hoc training for adults and companies, in room & online (distance learning platform, mobile learning solutions for the development of non-routine skills).

Promotion and management of in-service training courses and study visit addressed to European adult learners
Development of learning methods calibrated to adults’ exigencies:
Recognition and certification of knowledge acquired via non formal and informal learning;


Researches for public and private organisations at regional, national and European levels, about the new skills required for a better integration into the labour market.

Research Fields: new skills for new jobs, innovative learning media, certification of informal learning, autobiographical methodologies, gender mainstreaming, diversity management.
Counselling, focused balance of competencies and peer-based guidance services.


Development of distance learning courses through the exploitation of most advanced technologies for smartphones and tablets, with specific serious games for adults.

Management of innovative ICT based training courses, exploiting the usage of e-learning (course for Diversity managers) and m-learning (serious games for smartphones, easing the transfer of new skills for new jobs to adult learners)


Study and work experiences abroad, recognised at international level for students, trainers and volunteers in Europe. Recognition and certification of non-formal and informal learning skills.

Active player in the field of European Voluntary Service




and management of EU partnerships

addressed to European trainers and teachers

for the future labour market

exploiting the new ICT

for training and volunteering purposes

and valorisation of informal learning

of complex projects




The work of CIAPE is underpinned by five key values:
1. CIAPE is committed to the concept of lifelong learning and its role in enabling people to participate in the human, social, economic and cultural development of Italian society.
2. CIAPE affirms and supports the key role of adult education in combating poverty and social exclusion and ensuring that everyone benefits from, and contributes to sustainable economic development.
3. CIAPE is committed to the concept of equality of access, participation and outcomes in adult education.
4. CIAPE affirms and supports the key role of adult education in promoting democracy and active citizenship.
5. CIAPE is committed, through a process of action and reflection, to its growth as a learning organisation, a model of best practice and a leading centre of expertise in the field of adult learning.