CIAPE @Defrag to talk about innovative methodologies for social inclusion and recognition of entrepreneurial skills of young migrants

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26219364_1521053944637060_9137938235886304677_nLast December, 17th, CIAPE, in collaboration with Idea Prisma 82 – social cooperative active for over 35 years in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of psycho-physical and social discomfort, has animated, at the cultural association Defrag in Rome, the workshop entitled Communication, inclusion and narrative in the migration phenomenon.

The event represented an important opportunity for debating and exchanging good practices among social workers, volunteers and adult education professionals, in the field of socio-professional inclusion of third country nationals within the national and European contexts. In this sense, the experiences of a number of European projects currently implemented by CIAPE in the context of larger transnational consortia, provided concrete tools for further analysis and inspirations during the meeting.

Particular emphasis was given to some innovative methodologies for the inclusion of vulnerable adults, such as the participatory video technique explored within the European project IMAEFE, and to some tools for the recognition and validation of young migrants’ entrepreneurial skills, such as the one outlined in frame of You-Me.

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