Il lavoro nel 2030: le sfide dell’orientamento e della formazione on the job

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When: Friday October, 12th 2018 – 10:00 to 13:30

Where: Link Campus University, Via del Casale di S. Pio V, Rome – Room 10, 1st floor.


Gathering up policy makers, career guidance practitioners, trainers, teachers, VET providers, entrepreneurs and other relevant stakeholders, the event will represent a major opportunity for all those willing to explore the labour market trends from a forward-looking employability perspective.

Through a series of insights on facts and figures, debates with experts and interactive round tables, participants will become acquainted with strengths and pitfalls laid under the current career guidance approach and be inspired by a new professional profile, the Work-Based Learning Pro, able to take the most of on-the-job training paths, towards an effective and sustainable access to the active life. The appointment will also serve as an incubator for the policy mainstream of the main findings collected in the frame of the FUTURE Time Traveller report. Finally, a competition for innovative career practices will be launched in the frame of the event.


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