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logo_video in education05Video in Education Process is a Strategic partnership funded under the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Union.

Its main aim is to broaden the scope of activities for adult education by introducing activities that use various forms of video-making, both in terms of methodology and ICT. Educators who master our techniques will be able to reach out to larger and more varied groups of people, as this type of activities work against digital exclusion and can be practiced even by unskilled and inexperienced individuals.

During the implementation period (2018 – 2020), we will prepare overview reports of various methods and techniques, design practical guidebooks based on pilot educational activities, and create free online tools in order to promote and share the project results among adult educators, coaches, social workers, therapists and learners.

The “Video in Education Process” project is concerned with the experiences and needs of those who deal with adult education and need to adapt various educational tools for working with people of limited skills and qualifications. Indeed, applying audiovisual means strengthens the message, simplifies teaching and learning processes, and improves digital skills (equipment management, online communication, etc.).

The project partnership came into being during the project “Innovative Method of Adult Education for the Future of Europe” (Erasmus+). At that time, we noticed how much audiovisual content was suitable for working with low-qualified and digitally incompetent groups, i.e. the 60+ age group.


  • Lead applicant: COTOPAXI, Poland
  • CIAPE – Centro italiano per l’apprendimento permanente, Italy
  • Magenta Consultoria, Spain
  • Real Time Video, UK

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