New-Care project: Open educational resources for a new model of long-term care in residential centres based on dignity and wellbeing of the elderly

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CatturaIn Europe, changes related to aging are affecting fundamental aspects for the wellbeing and dignity of older people, which implies the need of a new strategy on the traditional model of long term care in EU Member States. For this reason, different European countries have developed some new business models of integrated care centered on people.


A Comprehensive Person-Centered Care Model (Hereafter, CPCC Model) requires new competencies and roles for its working performance. A new professional figure emerges in this area as the COORDINATOR FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF CPCC MODEL AT NURSING HOMES (Hereafter, CPCC COORDINATOR). This profile is defined as a qualified technician, responsible for the coordination of services in the residential centre. In general, he/she is able to: perform a person-centered attention, to use appropriate communication skills and to coordinate and generate resources in order to facilitate the autonomy and well-being of the elderly (psychosocial, environmental, technological, socio-medical, etc.). This new professional will always work under national/regional social policies to achieve their aims.


The New-Care project aims to develop specific training materials for the emerging figure of the CPCC COORDINATOR, as a key figure for the shift to a new management model aimed at ensuring the dignity and well-being in residences for the elderly (model CPCC), through preventing dependency and providing the elderly residents with an independent lifestyle.


The results are aimed at improving the employability of workers in this sector due to new trends in aging; And to propose a new training curriculum for the implementation of the new CCCP model in nursing homes.


The expected intellectual outputs of the project are:

  • International training curriculum for the CPCC COORDINATOR, whose activity will facilitate the implementation of the CPCC model in this sector. The new curriculum will be consider at levels: ISCED 5 and EQF 5.
  • Educational contents and training materials on CPCC model, which will be adapted to e-learning platforms.
  • Educational Contents and materials addressed to the teacher/trainer on: How to use open educational resources in the application of the CPCC model
  • Multilingual educational kit, compatible with mobile devices, for the New professional profile.
  • Testing all educational resources through a pilot e-learning course in each participant country.


The kick-off meeting will take place in November 2017 in Aarhus (DK). The project will be developed over a period of 24 months, thanks to the cooperation of 5 partners from 5 European countries: NGO / company of the sector (MENSAJEROS, ES), Training Centers (Sosu Aarus, DK, Asociatia Habilitas, RO); Training consultants (BFE, BG, CIAPE, IT).


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