Professional Reconversion course for 50 unemployed women

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Front view portrait of three business executives smiling --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis


Female unemployment; Professional requalification; Men-dominated professions; Job Orientation. 

These are the key words for the European project  “MIXITE DES METIERS, EMPLOI A’ LA CLE “, that aims at supporting unemployed women by defining new work orientation strategies based on the professional reconversion concept. The objective is to approch unemployed women to jobs traditionally considered “for men only” takling transversal segregation, that is still present on the Italian labour market.
In the framework of the project CIAPE will involve 50 UNEMPLOYED WOMEN in activities aimed at making them more familiar with the concept of professional reconversion.
The initiative will be based on a practically-oriented strategy; women working in men-dominated field will share their experiences to show how reconversion is a possible way out of the unemployment.