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Eleonora Perotti. President and CEO of CIAPE. Senior European Project Manager and Coordinator of International projects since 2000 (more than 80 European projects).

Eleonora is expert in Work Based Learning and the Coordinator of the “Quality Apprenticeships European Network”.
She is a senior researcher and adult trainer.
Specialized in European Qualification Framework implementation, expert in new skills for the future and Counsellor (valorisation of non formal and informal learning outcomes).LinkedIn-Google-Plus-Profile-Pic-01







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Martina Castagnola – Project manager with experience in design and management of transnational projects at European level. Technical expertise and familiarity with the European Commission’s rules and regulations for the preparation of proposals and related documents for tenders and for call for proposals. Trainer in gender Equality and Project Management.LinkedIn-Google-Plus-Profile-Pic-01








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Desiree Scalia – International relations and business professional
, active in the field of EU projects since 2009; has experience in the management of projects and connected activities such as research, dissemination and stakeholders engagement activities. Moreover, she has experience as a trainer in EU project management and events management for public and private organisations. She has been working in projects in the field of social affairs, training and internationalization.LinkedIn-Google-Plus-Profile-Pic-01







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Enrico Messinese – University Degree in International Relations at the University of Perugia, in 2010 he began his work experience in the sector of European Projects in which over the years has gained significant experience in the field of EU direct/indirect funds management and operation of entire life cycle of community projects related to education and lifelong learning, culture, social innovation. He coordinated the planning, management and reporting of projects in the framework of the main programs including Lifelong Learning, Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens, Cosme and Territorial Cooperation.LinkedIn-Google-Plus-Profile-Pic-01









Irene De Laurentiis – With a Master degree in International Cooperation and Protection of Human Rights at the University of Bologna, in January 2016, after the discussion of a thesis focused on the sustainability of international cooperation’s projects and an internship at the Directorate-General for Communication of the European Parliament, she began her professional career in “Europe’s Heart”, Brussels, dealing with management of EU funded projects, communication and research for a European Network active in the field of social economy. She joined the CIAPE’s Team in April 2017.