NEW-CARE project: towards a new model of long-term care (Newsletter 1)

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For years there has been a debate about the lack of adequacy of benefits and services for those who need long-term care. Currently, the necessity to redefine the model of care for the elderly is being considered due to its … Continued

New-Care project: Open educational resources for a new model of long-term care in residential centres based on dignity and wellbeing of the elderly

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In Europe, changes related to aging are affecting fundamental aspects for the wellbeing and dignity of older people, which implies the need of a new strategy on the traditional model of long term care in EU Member States. For this … Continued


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  Minimizing the number of accidents at work within the construction sector, thanks to more informed and skilled employees about health and safety regulations and risk prevention and management. The Serio project aims at fostering construction workers’ consciousness about workplace … Continued