Participatory Video Technique: a train-the-trainer group-based activity towards vulnerable adults’ empowerment

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P1190804From 15th to 20th October, CIAPE has attended, together with many colleagues from Magenta (ES), the second transnational workshop foreseen in the frame of the Innovative Methods of Adult Education for the Future of Europe (IMAEFE) project, this time focused on the theme “Participatory Video Techniques”.


Launched in late-2016 and co-funded under the Erasmus+ programme, the IMAEFE project seeks to tackle the migration crisis currently faced by the European Union, through the promotion, exchange and implementation of innovative adult-friendly learning methodologies.


Organised and animated by the polish partner, COTOPAXI, the recently concluded workshop has been deeply focus on individual and group development processes, in which each participant (adults’ education professionals, social workers, therapists, photographers…) has acquired both knowledge and competences through a clearly-structured and interactive training process.


A series of very practical sessions allowed the participants to explore video’s potential as a social and educational tool towards vulnerable people’s empowerment, through a preliminary analysis of the European and polish social context. This contributed to clarify once more the ratio behind the methodology.


P1190735The following approaches to the equipment, helped to break the ice among participants and between them and the “machines”, developing a coherent group identity as well as setting up the individual control over each participant’s work. This prepared the ground for a deeper understanding of what would have followed.


In order to practically explore PV inclusive perspectives, a number of study visits have taken place, such as those at Nasz Wybora foundation launched by a group of Ukrainian immigrants, in a view of culturally and socially assimilating fellow citizens in Poland; SDS B Pod skrzydlami – a Warsaw-based institute helping people with mental disorders; and Pozne debiuty – a PV workshop experience addressed to seniors.


The workshop has been closed by a grand final, an activity seeking to finally put all the new audiovisual skills into action by going downtown and ask locals about their opinion concerning migrants and refugees… of course, always checking the quality of shot frames, sound and environment!


22519365_1452085118200610_720894156316458510_nA number of key elements determine the great potential of the PV methodology in a view of vulnerable adults’ social integration: it enhances the motivation and active involvement of participants, giving voice to their real experiences and interests, thus developing creativity, self-esteem and technical as well as social skills. Moreover, it strengthens community building processes, feeding the communication ground and stimulating critical awareness and consciousness.




We will shortly publish a call for interest in order to organize the next transnational workshop, that will be held from 8th to 13th January 2018 in Gijon (ES). Curious to discover the related theme? Follow us via our website and FB page!