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Management of international training courses addressed to trainers and consultants, focusing on innovative didactical methods and contents. Participation to European projects finalized at supporting teachers/trainers and counsellors through the development of new tools and competences needed in their work.

“EnYouthTeacher” (Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership, 2014-1016)

European Project aimed at improve trainers/teachers’ competences about entrepreneurship through the provision of a Guide of Best practices and training material for VET teachers/trainers to encourage entrepreneurship.

“Prometheus – Network for European Career Counsellors” (Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership, 2014-2016)

Through Prometheus the project’ partners intend to provide career counsellors and guidance practioners with information, resources, professional network, training curricula and tools that will be available on a web based platform developed under the project.

“European projects management” (Erasmus+ 2014)

The course was addressed to a team of 15 project managers from Greece working in the public sector. It had the objective to improve the competences needed to successfully manage a European project.

“Workshop Erasmus+” (February 2014)

Workshop organised by CIAPE to investigate the peculiarities of the new Erasmus+ programme and how to develop a project under the Key Action 2.

“International workshop on Autobiographical Methodologies in adult education” (Lifelong Learning Programme, 2014)

The course was conduced by CIAPE with the scope to teach to the participants how to apply autobiographical methodologies in adult education through individual pathways and sharing occasions.

“Project designing to benefit from European opportunities for learning activities” (1° ed., Grundtvig Programme, 2013)

Tools and Methods to define a project idea, plan the project activities, build the partnership around detected needs and present a project.

“Non formal and informal learning valorization ambassadors” (1°, 2° & 3° ed., Grundtvig Programme 2010 – 2011 – 2012)

Innovative methods and approaches for the recognition and valorisation of the results of non formal and informal learning occasions.

“Autobiographical Methodologies in Adult Education” (1° & 2° ed., Grundtvig Programme, 2011 – 2012)

The authobiographical method a support for effective learning pathways and as a tool for the promotion of active citizenship.

“How to apply gender mainstreaming to training activities. Methodologies and tools” (1° ed., Grundtvig Programme, 2010)

Modalitites for the promotion of gender mainstreaming within training organisations, particularly in the planning, implementation and evaluation of training pathways.

Study visits




Management of study visits addressed to policy makers, company top managers and managers of public organisations about the benchmarking of best practices.

“Career guidance, information and innovations in career education of youth” (Leonardo da Vinci VETPRO 2014)

Benchmarking of best practices in the field of career guidance of youth, for a better inclusion into the labour market. Exchanges between the Italian and Lithuanian systhems.

“Mobile learning facilitators for non-routine skills development in SMEs” (Transversal Programme, 2012)

Presentation of the m-learning Facilitator: a new European professional able to bring ‘non-routine’ competences (transversal key skills for performing non-routine tasks) to SMEs via tailored mobile learning games.

European projects


Coordination and management of international projects in partnership with training institutions, universities and research centres at European level. The European projects managed by CIAPE refer to the following LLP programmes: Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Trasversale, KA2.


Equal Opportunities




Promotion of positive actions devoted to the implementation of equal opportunities for all in the access to the labour market.

“Mixité des métiers, Emploi à la clé” (Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership 2015-2017)

The project Mixité des métiers aims to provide professional career guidance experts with the competences needed to support unemployed women towards a professional retraining towards jobs traditionally considered “for men only”.

“Woment: Training for entrepreneurship, improving the women’s employment” (Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation, 2013-2015)

Woment project has contributed to the empowerment of female European entrepreneurs defining the set of skills to be acquired and transferring those skills to them through a web based training platform.

“SOPHIE: Developing women´s skills for the future labour market” (Grundtvig programme, 2011-2013)

A European Partnership project co-funded by the Grundtvig programme and managed together with 5 Member States, aimed at the creation of a female-based-network promoting peer guidance for the social inclusion and the reinsertion into the labour market.

“Lei Concilia? – Seminari informativi e di promozione della valorizzazione di progetti di conciliazione vita-lavoro nelle PMI” (Chamber of Commerce of Rome, 2013)

Training course managed on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, addressed to entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs and focusing on the promotion of work-life balance initiatives among SMEs; development of the training manual “Percorsi di Conciliazione”.

“How to apply gender mainstreaming to training activities. Methodologies and tools” (Grundtig programme, 2010)

Training course addressed to trainers and consultants.

e-Learning & m-Learning



Design of distance training courses based on the most advanced information and communication technologies for mobile devices, offering serius games with learning purposes to adults.



SERIO – On site construction employees’ occupational safety in Europe” (Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation, 2014-2016)

Serio project aims at fostering construction workers’ consciousness about workplace potential risks through the use of attractive training tools adjusted to ICT technology (mobile application/software).

“Diversity Manager. Strumenti e strategie per creare, valorizzare e gestire un team multiculturale” (Private initiative, 2010 – onwards)

Design and management of a distance specialistation Master aimed at providing: knowledge about the meaning and the consequences of Diversity Management; techniques for planning and managing an integration pathway; tools and techniques for intercultural training; techniques to manage a multi-cultiral team.

“Become competitive. The m-Learning kit” (Leonardo da Vinci Programme, 2009-2012)

30 training games for mobile devices, addressed to adults and aimed at teaching how to react to non routine situations at work. An open learning environment, interactive and attractive thanks to the exploitation of tipical daily working scenarios.

New Skills for New Jobs



Research of the new skills for the future, for a better integration into the labour market.




EMPHOS – “Empowering Museum Professionals and Heritage Organizations Staff by cultural entrepreneurship training and research” (Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership 2015-2017)

With Emphos the project partners intend to provide Museum Professional with entrepreneurial skills – for example network building, fundraising, creation of new ways to involve the public – integrating them with other core tasks like conservation.

“TECLO – Textile and Clothing Knowledge Alliance” (Erasmus+ 2014-2016)

Within TECLO project CIAPE coordinates a consortium of fourteen partners coming from eight European different countries that will work together to develop specific tools to improve European Textile and Clothing Managers skills.

“Retail: Future Retail Managers for Efficient and Flexicure SMEs” (Leonardo da Vinci – Lifelong Learning Programme 2013-2015) 

Retail project aims to create the new professional profile of the “Future Retail Manager”. Ciape, together with the other project’s partners, has created a new training tool addressed to Retail Managers with the objective to transfer them the new skills required by labor market.

“Respons: Responsible Skill Alliance for Sustainable Management of Small Hotels and Restaurants” (Leonardo da Vinci Development of Innovation – Lifelong Learning Programme 2013-2015)

Respons is a project aimed to develop the new competences needed by HORECA managers. 9 partners from 7 different countries worked together to create the “e-Handbook for CSR” and the “Managers’ Guide for Sustainable Business”, an interactive ICT based tool.

“Take care” (Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation, 2013-2015)

Through Take Care the project’ consortium has identified the key competences required to caregivers and nurses: communication with doctors and patients, teamwork, ability to prevent burnout, emotional resilience will be trained thanks to innovative ICT based learning modules developed under the project.

“GRIN-CH: GReen IT Node – CH” (Leonardo da Vinci Programme, 2011-2013)

A European project co-funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme and managed by 7 Member States. The project is aimed at defining the new profiles for the Sustainable ICT sector, able to provide companies with techniques and resources to implement a sustainable management of their technological activities.

“Labour Market in Touch. New non-routine skills via mobile game-based learning” (Leonardo da Vinci Programme, 2010-2012)

A European project co-funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme and managed by 7 Member States. The project is aimed at defining an innovative approach enabling the new generations of employees from business service SMEs to develop their key non routin skills trough the mobile learning.

International Mobility




Experiences of study or work abroad, recognised at international level, addressed to students, trainers and european volunteers.

“CIAPE STAR” – (Erasmus+ Learning Mobility of Individuals 2015-2016)

The project has the objective to realise 20 international training mobility addressed to professional development and competences improvement of CIAPE staff.

“European Voluntary Service (EVS)” – (Erasmus+)

Ciape is a sending organisation for European Voluntary Service (EVS), a long term international volunteer experience abroad, that allow young people aged 17 to 30 years old to live abroad up to 12 months working in no-profit organisations.

“Future in my hand” (Youth in Action Programme, 2013)

European Volunteering project about the support to street children, managed in partnership with Turkey.

Consultancy and International Recognitions

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Ciape works at international level also offering its expertise to provide specialized advice. Thanks to the constant commitment and the high professionalism put into our work CIAPE has obtained important recognitions.




Attainment of the eJobsObservatory Label of Excellence

CIAPE obtained the Label of Excellence distinguishing as a training organisation proposing Internet-related trainings corresponding to market needs. More info at

Management of “European Alliance for Apprenticeships” 2013-2014

Ciape has been the coordinator of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships that had the objective to upscale different initiatives for successful apprenticeship type schemes. For more information

Involvement as experts in the project “Work Based Learning as Integrated Curriculum” (2014)

The President of CIAPE Eleonora Perotti was involved as an expert in the evaluation of best practices concerning work/practice relevant learning in higher education settings.

Participation as speaker in the seminar “Work-based learning in VET in Europe: Exchanging ideas, developing projects” (1-3 December 2014, Berlin)

The President of CIAPE Eleonora Perotti was invited at the Join contact seminar of seven Erasmus+ National Agencies to speak about work-based learning in VET.

Participation as speaker in the European Commission Forum “European Education, Training and Youth Forum 2014” (9-10 October 2014, Brussels)

The President of CIAPE Eleonora Perotti was invited in Brussels at the European Commission Forum to speak about future priorities of education and training and in particular on recognition and valorization of skills and competences.