Welcome to CIAPE’s ACADEMY, where we learn for action.

We offer KA1 courses, customized courses, and edutainment events in the eternal city of Rome to promote continuous learning and address issues of common interest related to the skills of the new world of work and education.  

The Academy is the place where people from different countries learn, experience and contribute to innovation. It is the place where things happen, where learning becomes an opportunity for concrete and shared growth. It is the itinerary for those who do want to be ready for the future and innovation.

With a long experience in international mobilities, our goal is to support young people and adults of all ages to develop the new skills truly needed in the changing world through innovative, inclusive, experiential and visionary training.

The European Center for Action-based Training

We are active in the field of training and lifelong learning with over 200 European projects. Every day we confront the aspirations, challenges and real training needs of young people and adults and develop ad-hoc pathways starting from the European Qualifications Framework and the key competencies identified by the European Union. We are a European Partner for lifelong learning and professional development and our Mission is to inspire lifelong learning in order to stimulate the piloting of active, participatory, change-oriented training.

Immersive training experience.

We engage with each other, teachers and learners. And we practice, to turn knowledge into experience that can be put into practice immediately. We visit the ethernal city of Rome, and we come in contact with best practice realities.


Our experienced trainers guide every step of the way, ensuring learning that is engaging, personalized and aligned with the standards of the best international training institutions with which we have been collaborating for several years as part of European Projects and have received major awards of merit.


Training for its own sake is no longer enough.  One learns in order to act and make a difference.

Why Choosing Us

We are Erasmus+ Ambassadors and EQF Referrers

Our courses reflect the evolving skills and qualifications required internationally. We select trainers both internal and external to Ciape’s network, with proven experience in the area of reference of the individual course and who are often also active in European projects, such as Erasmus+, which pursue lifelong learning objectives and promote the comparison and exchange of good practices with particularly virtuous countries in order to systematize new methodologies and/or strategies acquired, share them in the classroom with learners and encourage subsequent practical application in their respective contexts (e.g., schools, training centres, foundations, non-profit associations, companies, etc.).

It is not the usual training course

Our courses are not an end point but a starting point for much more. We are a training center but we are also an esteemed partner of more than 200 European projects. We organize Residentials, mobility abroad for both young people and teachers and innovative and inclusive KA1 courses fully funded by the European Union.

We are "those of the Residentials"

Each of our courses is a concentrated version of the Residential, the all-inclusive edutainment format promoted by Ciape that has been hugely successful in recent years. With the Academy courses, we want to promote a similar experience keeping the strengths of the original format intact:

  • the sharing of experiences, stories, even mistakes and errors, rather than pure knowledge.
  • the presence of moments of edutainment, in which one continues to learn almost unconsciously, from confrontation with others.


From training course to training pathway

Each course is designed for a group of participants with similar experiences (e.g., teachers, members of nonprofit entities) in order to facilitate peer-learning and peer exchange.

Our support begins with the definition of the most suitable course for each individual or group of individuals (e.g., teams from the same school/association) and continues beyond the end of the course through inclusion in a pathway of growth with follow-up moments and shared projects that also involve other organisations, including associations, businesses, innovative start-ups, and universities.

How to Start

Courses range from European projects writing to role-play based learning, from emotional and sexual literacy to social media marketing.

Explore our course catalog and find out which one best fits your goals, or rather contact us for an ad hoc training programme for your group. We can count on a network of professional trainers covering different topics linked to Erasmus+ priorities (sustainability;  diversity inclusion; active citizenship and European values; digital technology).

A 5-day course costs 400,00 Euros per person. The cost includes: training and tuition fees, access to training material, ice-breaking and sight-seeing activities, study visits to regional best practices, coffee-breaks, administration and organisational costs, Certificate of attendance, Mobility documents and Europass document.

You can contact us for more information, confirm pre-registration by email or book a call with us to receive more information and plan your personalized learning path.


Discover our course catalogue

July 2024



Method of registration and payment.

Pre-registration for the course is free-of-charge. You just have to write an email to stating the training course you are interested in and the number of participants. 

When you send the communication regarding the pre-registration payment, you will receive an info-pack containing information on: how to get to the course destination, directions to hotels nearby or easily accessible by public transportation, necessary documents, the content agenda, and a cognitive questionnaire with respect to the motivations and interests that made you choose the course. This information will help the lecturer to organize the content in the best possible way.

​Only after enough pre-registrations are made, we can confirm the course and start planning our time together.

We issue the invoice and send it by the email only after our agreement, but at least 5 weeks before the start of the course with due date 2 weeks before the course starts. 

Cancellation policy.

Up to 15 business days before the start of the course: if cancellation is made up to 15 business days before the course, the amount will be fully refunded.

14 working days before the start of the course or less: unfortunately, we do not refund the fee in case of last-minute cancellations, but we do accept proposals for other sessions of the same course, other courses, or changes in participants’ names.

Before proceeding with a course cancellation, check the possibility of changing the date or course.

Any changes in participant’s names must be communicated via email as soon as possible, indicating the new participant’s name, email address and phone number.

CIAPE reserves the right to cancel confirmed courses in case of participant cancellations, if the minimum number of 5 participants is no longer guaranteed. In such cases, course fees already paid will be fully refunded to participants. However, CIAPE disclaims any responsibility with respect to other costs that may have already been incurred in organizing the mobility (tickets, hotel reservations, etc.)