An extensive experience in development of innovative tools for the European labour market, education and training systems

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We have developed extensive materials and transferable tools that can be used by politicians, social partners, higher education institutions, actors in the area of vocational education and individuals. We struggle to make the outcomes of good-practice European projects we’ve been involved more visible and therefore useable, especially in the following fields:

PROFESSIONAL AND SOCIAL INCLUSION of youth unemployed, people living in rural areas, migrants, refugees and detainees by leveraging entrepreneurship, citizenship, European values and self-promotion skills.

EUROPEAN QUALIFICATIONS FOR FUTURE JOBS. We have an extensive experience in the following three fields. ICT, e-commerce, online marketing and green economy. Work-based learning, with professionals able to plan, activate, monitor and evaluate quality apprenticeships and traineeship programmes. Trainers, Teachers and Sport educators specialised in gender neutrality, empathy and intercultural approaches.

NEW MANAGERIAL SKILLS FOR TRADITIONAL SECTORS. We have developed high expertise in the following sectors. Textile, clothing, leather and footwear, with a focus on exportation, innovation, sustainability, quality and design-driven approaches. Health and care, through new person-centred care models and management of nursing staff. Heritage and museums, by fostering entrepreneurship, innovative services, fund raising and networking. HO.RE.CA and Retail, fostering social media marketing and client-based approach.

MODERNIZATION OF ACTIVATION, TEACHING AND CAREER COUNSELLING by exploiting the potentialities of virtual platforms, serious games, future scenarios, professional reconversion, activation, networking and self-promotion through video making.

PROMOTION OF ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY AND HEALTH & SAFETY AT WORK, especially in public administrations, construction and engineering sectors.

In this way, we supplement the European Education and Training Strategy, thereby creating an effective interconnection between politics and the world of work.

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