3D Gart

3D Garment design Training.

3DGarT addresses VET initial and continuous training in the garment sector in Jordan and Palestine, bringing modernisation by incorporating the principles of 3D Garment Design into the curricula.


Actually, 3D Garment design offers several benefits to the product development process: less samples, faster prototypes, much higher quality earlier-on in the cycle, and the ability to make decisions based on that. 3D garment design also represents a major tool in circular design of textiles, and it improves product durability, reparability and recyclability. Its introduction was accelerated during the last pandemic.


The project draws knowledge from the participating universities, which offer courses on 3D Garment design, adapts it to the needs of VET providers and Final Users and transforms it into curricula, profile design and training reform actions for newcomers and for existing employees.


The specific objective of the project is to establish innovative “Garment and Fashion Design Centers” in Jordan and Palestine, offering comprehensive training programs for students, semi-skilled workers, trainers, stakeholders based on the assessment of needs including study tours, promotional and marketing strategies, consolidation of business linkages with local and international markets. The main contents of the training refer to 3D Digital Prototypes, 3D Fashion Design, Digital Showroom and Visual Merchandising, Digital Avatars and Virtual Influencers, Rapid Prototyping and Digital Materials.


The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU, and managed by CIAPE in partnership with organisations from Greece (coordinator), Portugal, Jordan and Palestine.


For more info: training@ciape.it

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