Improving the reputation of vocational training

The AGORA VETPro 4.0 project is an innovative answer to the poor reputation and attractiveness which Vocational Education and Training suffer from. VET needs to be an appealing, credible alternative option to general routes, if it is to attract and retain the right learners.

The dynamic changes nowadays in the educational systems and on the labour market requirements as well as the significant role the VET professionals have in addressing these processes, impose on them the need to be prepared to meet these challenges but also to be part of the process of the necessary change.

The project addresses the need to strengthen the recruitment and professional development of educators and to ensure the motivation of VET teachers, trainers, counsellors, mentors to become ambassadors of the possibilities the VET system provide to young people.

Project results:

– Recognition of the role of the targeted professionals as well as validation of the complimentary

knowledge, skills, autonomy and responsibilities they need to acquire in order to be ambassadors of an attractive VET system through the elaboration of the AGORA VETPro 4.0 Competence Profile and Code of Conduct.

– Acquisition of a specific set of competences by the targeted professionals through the modular AGORA VETPro Training Modules. The Training Program will allow the practitioners to promote adequately the VET system, to ‘speak the language of the young people’ and meet them in the environment they are already feeling most comfortable in – through online and video content elaboration and online communities launch and maintenance and through their enhanced ability to promote and make transparent the applicability of the theory into real practice and thus highlight the benefits of VET.

– Establishment of the AGORA VETPro 4.0 professional community.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU, and managed by CIAPE together with partners from Bulgaria (coordinator), France, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

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