Competences in business acumen and communication for heritage

There is a diffused perception that heritage is elitist and for the few, for the tourist and maybe for children in school outings, or that it should be made entertaining because it is otherwise a boring and uninteresting. Heritage needs to become a more central player in the social education and social texture and a more visible economic player with enormous positive impact on the whole community.


BACH meets these objectives by offering ad hoc tools to heritage staff:

– a Handbook on Building Business Acumen and Communication Strategies in Heritage, for professionals in business development of heritage that strikes fine balances between economic and socio emotional sustainability through strategic local and regional partnerships. It consists of 6 parts: 1. Methods for collaborative generation of business ideas, 2. Aspects of placemaking in the context of heritage oriented towards openness and human centeredness, 3. Socio Emotional considerations around heritage sites in the process of ideas generation and balance between economic streams and communities’ related to identity, history, tradition and perception regarding heritage and presumed incompatibility with entrepreneurial initiatives, 4. Community consultation and communication strategies and feedback loop cycles, 5. Digital strategies showcase for augmentation and maintenance of reaching out by museums.

– a Toolkit for Entrepreneurial Initiatives in Heritage, for use when developing business (even if not necessarily for profit) ideas related to heritage spaces and museums that aims at guiding operators measure quality and human centeredness of their ideas against parameters and criteria based on the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. It consists of 3 parts: 1. Content to set the scene based on the UN 17 SDG 2030 and how these have influenced the criteria selected to measure quality and sustainability of entrepreneurial initiatives in heritage, 2. An interactive toolkit to enable the user to measure an entrepreneurial idea/initiative against pre-set criteria/parameters.

 – the BACH European Network of organisations including multi-actor players from the heritage sector, but also in entrepreneurship, in formal education and youth, cultural tourism, incentive travel, Adult Education and social players that work together at a local and cross border level bringing in a new era for culture and heritage in which it will be a key driver for economic and social wellbeing by policy makers and by the public.


The project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme, is managed by CIAPE in partnership with 9 partners from Malta (coordinator), Netherlands, Greece and Spain.

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