Youth employment in green businesses as a lever for sustainability

According to the European Commission: “The growing importance of sustainability has reached all sectors and it is easy to consider green jobs as the preserve of eco-industry.” The last disasters, like the covid-19 pandemic and Australia fire are showing us we need green business forms and social innovation more than ever and young people can change the world by doing green jobs.

The project focuses on increasing youth employment in the green business.

The main results are:

– A Guide on how to be a Green Company, offering an analysis of youth’s knowledge, attitudes and expectations regarding ecological literacy and green entrepreneurship, and helping them to look for green jobs.

– An Online training: Eco-literate and green entrepreneur skills for young people integration, cultivating ecological literacy, fostering young people engagement in green entrepreneurship, but also encouraging them to take action towards global environmental problems. Main topics: how does nature work, how does man impact the Earth’s natural systems, sustainability and circular economy, green entrepreneurship, solutions for the future, entrepreneurial ideas to help restore Earth’s natural systems.

– An Internship Program in Green Companies to see fresh ideas, unique angles and the latest eco-industry developments.

– A Green Entrepreneurs Competition to bring young green entrepreneurs to connect globally and receive support on turning their ideas into a tangible impact, with a focus on urgent issues like climate change, deforestation, waste management.

– Eco-Linkedln: an online service to bring eco-literate/green entrepreneur young people and members of green start up companies together.


The project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, has brought together 6 partners from Slovenia, Turkey, Austria, Italy, Spain and Portugal, all of them related with youth, online-training, nature conservation, entrepreneurship and eco-literacy.

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