Designing the future

Designing the future.

In this unpredictable world, decision-making, digital literacy/readiness, creative problem solving, critical thinking and adaptability become crucial. Educational systems must include such skills development in the CV. The project aims at raising awareness on the importance of digital skills, coding and 3D printing in education.

The project result is an educational computer program based on the programming language of Scratch and Tinkercad, developed through sectoral cooperation among universities, training centres and schools. The resulting computer program/game in Scratch and Tinkercad programming code can be used in any subjects taught at school (e.g. History, Mathematics, English, Biology, Physics, Geography, etc.). Teachers will make links between their teaching content and materials generated with a 3D printer with different subjects in school curricula.

The project, funded within the Erasmus+ programme, is managed by partners from Poland (coordinator), Portugal, Finland, Turkey, Italy and Estonia.

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