Industrial and creative design in advanced textile manufacturing

The European textile-manufacturing sector is facing several major challenges, among others: competition from emerging markets and requests for environmental sustainable solutions.

Advanced textile materials represent an emerging sector within the textile industry driven by trans-disciplinary innovation focused on technical and functional aspects rather than on the aesthetics ones.

However in order to foster the innovation growth within the textile industry, higher education systems need to bring the creative culture characterising the industrial and creative design in the textile higher education programs.

In this context the main objectives of DESTEX project are:

– support higher education students to acquire trans-disciplinary innovation skills applying creative and industrial design to the textile sector;

– foster student cooperation according to a multidisciplinary project-based approach;

– provide knowledge, skills and competences by the mean of virtual collaboration tools;

– enhance innovative skills promoting the application of good practices.

DESTEX partnership comprises 8 institutions from 5 European countries (Sweden, Greece, Italy, Spain and Denmark) with complementary profiles: higher education institutions, training centers, SMEs, non-profit institutions for business innovations.

The project develops four different Intellectual Outputs and an intensive training:

1- A virtual training program with open education resources addressed to higher education students;

2- The book of lectures “Creative and Industrial design for innovation thriving in advanced textiles materials”;

3- A virtual hackathon platform for an open innovative and project-based training with the use of real case studies;

4- The “Project handbook of good practices and open challenges: training tools and methodologies to foster creative and industrial design in advanced textiles’ manufacturing sector”;

5- An intensive summer course based in Milan with the participation of students selected from the 4 universities participating in DESTEX project.

DESTEX impacts different target groups including univirsity students (both design and textile), textile companies and their manager as well as other textile sector stakeholders, which can benefit from the project’s results.

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