Textile digitalization based on digital education and innovative e-Tools

DigiTEX project aims to support innovative approaches and digital learning technologies to accelerate innovation, teaching and learning in the field of medical, protective, sensorial and smart 3D textiles design, testing and manufacturing of the innovative advanced products for healthcare (protective equipment, wearable monitoring devices) in the context of the digital economy.


The project addresses the following priorities:

-to co-design wearable prototypes based on needs and perspectives in developing 3D smart sensors based textiles for traditional textiles, fashion, medicine, sport and leisure technical protective equipment, and space missions.

-to evaluate the qualitative and quantitative results to select the best practices for respondents’ most attractive options (doctors, firemen, pilots, fashion designers, athletes).

-to understand, accelerate innovation, and provide Intensive Study Programmes, virtual workshops and e-learning courses about electronics embedded into textiles.

-to initiate, learn and teach about 3D prototyping for medical, protective, sensorial and smart textile for sensors and actuators

-to study the context and the best practice for use, apply and recycle the materials used in medical textile devices, intelligent textile (textile surface, metal micro/nanoparticles, electronic parts).

-to study, learn and disseminate the aspects concerning the smart textile material performance, wearable devices (components, the accuracy of the information, personal data management, privacy, durability, resistance, reusing, recycling, and disposal with a low impact on the environment).

– to study and communicate the aspects concerning the micro/nanoparticle’s potential toxicity based on ferrous/non-ferrous metals used in protective, medical, or smart textiles.


The results produced by the project are:

– a book of best practices;

– a database of knowledge about smart advanced textile materials used for medical devices, flexible sensors, covering aspects from friendly wearable to a potentially harmful or toxic effect for human health and the environment;

– a platform for blended learning and e-learning for smart intersectoral learning and wearable prototypes development;

– a toolkit of creative methods to attract students and accelerate the innovation in medical, protective, sensorial and smart 3D textiles for medical devices, protective equipment, sensors and wearable devices.


More info: research@ciape.it

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