Identification and definition of emerging eCommerce and Online-Marketing job profiles 

During the last few years Internet has changed the way Europeans buy and sell, communicate, interact, advertise and promote. The new media and continuous innovations in electronic devices are changing the market place from the streets to computers, phones and other new application screens. The last Communication from the European Commission [COM(2011) 942] on e-commerce and online services mentions that “Electronic commerce and online services in the broader sense are now at the heart of the lives of consumers, businesses (from the largest to the smallest) and citizens in general”. Following this tendency, the Commission planned to double the volume of e-commerce in Europe by 2015 “to make the most of the digital economy”.

The eCOMMA project has been financed within the Erasmus+ programme, under the Key Activity 2, in order to face up this new reality. The eCOMMA project takes an in-depth look at two fast growing and fast evolving job categories: online marketing and e-commerce. Employment opportunities in these categories are plentiful and Europe has a real competitive advantage if education and training environment manages to deliver the top skills that are on demand in the industry.

eCOMMA develops European specialist profiles in accordance in accordance with European Norm EN 16234-1:2016 based on European metaframeworks EQF/e-CF and ECVET, as well as Training Guidelines for developing/setting up further vocational training measures for online marketing and e-commerce professions.

The project partnership is made of 7 organisations from Germany, France, Turkey and Poland. 

More info at ciape@ciape.it

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