Entrepreneurship in lifelong learning for young people and teachers/trainers

Fostering and improving entrepreneurial skills of both unemployed young people and VET teachers/trainers.

The main aim of the project EnYouthTeacher is to cover both needs: training trainers and training young people about entrepreneurship.
The current situation of economic crisis is having serious effects especially on unemployed young people. The solution to the problem of the high rates of youth unemployment is a priority in the EU and the Member States policies. One of the most efficient and feasible alternatives is self-employment, thus entrepreneurship represents an opportunity to achieve independence and economic stability.

In this context, it is necessary for trainers/teachers to know what entrepreneurship means (theoretical knowledge, possibilities, requirements, facilities, obstacles, etc.), in order to be able to implement proper training actions to increase and foster entrepreneurial spirit in students, leading them to start an entrepreneurial activity.

CIAPE is involved in this project together with 6 EU partners from Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, Greece, Latvia and Croatia, to pursue some relevant objectives:
– Analysis of good training practices on entrepreneurship of young people at local, regional, and national level;
– Analysis of the training gaps is entrepreneurship in VET teachers/trainers, especially in knowledge, skills and competences to promote entrepreneurship;
– Design and elaboration of pedagogical contents to promote entrepreneurship among young people;
– Development of methodological guidelines to support teaching and training on entrepreneurship among young people.

The main project’s outputs are:
– Competence profile of VET teachers/trainers;
– Guide of Best practices on training for youth entrepreneurship;
– Training material for VET teachers/trainers to encourage entrepreneurship;
– Training material for unemployed young people in entrepreneurship.

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership

More info: mobility@ciape.it

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