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Wise Energy Use Volunteering Scheme for Youngster

FROM ZERO TO HERO: Wise Energy Use Volunteering Scheme for Youngsters is a Project funded by Erasmus+ EU Programme aiming to support the EC Strategy on sustainable development. There is an urgent need to increase the percentage of renewable energies and energy efficiency. Humanity has to become more aware of the “built environments” that consumes certain percentage of global energy. Sustainability with the 3R – Refuse, Reuse, Reduce – of energy usage offers environmental, social and economic improvement. The initiative creates an environmental volunteering scheme for young people to help communities use energy more wisely, save money and reduce carbon emissions and motivate them to work as volunteers to save the environment. A set of training materials and methods, including LINE technique as much as possible, using IT to create interactive learning environments, interactive face to face sessions and using open source interactive software.

Teaching environmental protection and raising an awareness on energy that buildings consume should take place beyond the classroom. Learning in natural environment LINE donates the youngsters with awareness that means a beginning to learn more about sustainability and renewable energy technologies and with responsibility to be able to play a vital role in the world’s energy future.

The project is addressed to youth and youth leaders.

Youngsters training participation is certified with YOUTHPASS. The project encourages the participation of young people with fewer opportunities to take active role with other young people and to work voluntarily to save the world.

Building are responsible for 40% of the total greenhouse gas emissions, so zero energy building (ZEBs) are the future.

The main results of the project are:

  • National reports from all countries involved in the project including the description of zero energy efficient building researches, zero energy building implementations, and to put forward state of the art in partners’ countries;
  • An Energy Quiz: youngsters start their volunteering by taking the Quiz to find out how much they already know about energy; the main focus of the quiz is put on the sustainability and energy efficient building to collect information about mostly acknowledged and prominent zero energy buildings/houses, innovative technologies and solutions for sustainability and recent researches on sustainable development in order to clearly define the content of the subject matter;
  • Online Wise Energy Activity Cards and Step-by-Step Guide for Energy Volunteers: a software is developed to play the activity cards online.

The project consortium comprises 8 partners from Turkey, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands.

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