GReen IT Node – CH

Setting up core profiles for new Green IT professions, identifying knowledge, skills and competences needs to support transparency and increase the availability of professionals at European level.

Europe 2020 addresses the green economy as a major issue for next years and a “New Challenge” for industry and employment. European Training systems have to adapt and to anticipate actual and future employment opportunities in Green Jobs as they will represent an important and growing number of jobs over the coming years, with incontestable added value for companies and organisations.

The change of Mc Donald’s logo into a green one is the proof of a major change in the mentality of society and business at large. In the IT sector the green wave has an impact, too. IT usages are changing quickly and a new “green” scope for IT is emerging: IT usages represent now 10 % of electricity consumption and 2 % of carbon gas emissions but has at the same time the ability to cut greenhouse gas emission by 15% in 2020 (

Trainings for Green IT have started to emerge, but without a Pan-European convergence. Setting up core profiles, identifying knowledge, skills and competence needs is a formal step to support transparency and increase the availability of professionals at European level. The GRIN-CH Project addresses the shortage of skilled professionals in the Green IT field, a shortage that is due to its recent emergence. CIAPE has been involved in this project together with 6 partners from Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, UK and Sweden, pursuing the following aims:
– To analyse the market needs, the existing trainings available for the different components and competences,
- To define a professional standard in the participating European countries
– To make qualifications and profiles more transparent, by referring the identified skills and competences – EQF and e-Competences Framework -e-CF
– To promote a better transparency recognition of learning outcomes and qualifications through a transparent and adapted to market needs professional model
– To reinforce employment of professionals and their mobility across Europe
– To advise training organisations on the content and skills that should be trained in the field of Green IT.

Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral project for development of innovation

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