ICT in textile and clothing higher education and business


According to EURATEX Annual report 2017, the EU-28 is the world’s largest market for textile and clothing products with household consumption of € 511 billion, and a 181 billion turnover.

In the recent years, information technologies have entered the textile industry on a large scale, and this puts new challenges to the specialists.

The aim of the ICT-TEX project is to develop a curriculum and syllabuses that meet the requirements of businesses and professionals working in the textile and clothing industry (TCI).

The consortium consists of 12 partners from 6 different countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, North Macedonia), and it is established to create and share knowledge for the development of innovative courses addressed to different stakeholders such as students, trainers/researchers and staff, in order to improve their ICT knowledge and their digital, innovation and entrepreneurial skills.

The project responds to the tremendous engineers need for a higher ICT proficiency level, especially for those working with CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM systems.

The new curriculum Application of ICT in Textile and Clothing Design and Production provides innovative knowledge and skills in design and production methodologies, as well as basic ICT and entrepreneurial skills.

The course developed is entirely practical, interactive and suitable for distance learning, which is an advantage for people already in the labour market.

Project outputs:

  • Gap analysis about technical, ICT, digital and entrepreneurial needs in TCLF businesses;
  • Jointly developed new curricula for digital and entrepreneurial education applied to TCI businesses;
  • 7 validated Study programmes (syllabuses) for technical, digital and entrepreneurial education.

More info: theapartment@ciape.it

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