Innovation of the Leather Industry in Jordan and Egypt


INNOLEA is one of the Erasmus plus programme projects, it’s 3 years long, and it aims to fill an apparent gap in the area of specialized services for the leather sector with the establishment of four leather centres in local universities, two in Jordan and two in Egypt, utilizing the experience and expertise of EU partners in the area of services for the leather sector.

Through the creation of these centres, the leather sectors in Jordan and Egypt will be offered access to business development services, such as quality testing, product certification, training, fashion trends, production organization, BtoB and funding opportunities, and subsequently the Jordanian and Egyptian leathers sector will have a valuable ally for its further development.

The project also aims to create and maintain a link between Universities and businesses of the leather sector that will foster innovation and the manufacturing of high value quality products, as well as further cooperation between EU and Jordan and Egypt Universities and leather businesses.

Finally, the project aims to help encourage the Egyptian and Jordanian governments to favour the establishment of leather centres within universities and to promote research and projects between EU and Egypt and Jordan universities in the leather sector, by creating a research innovation and training network, which will continue to operate and after the end of the current project.

The collaboration website platform will be a virtual space aiming at favouring collaboration between: the new-established leather centers, leather centers and companies both European and of the target countries, leather centers and other relevant stakeholder, such as policy-makers, Bios and research centers, leather centers and initiative groups who would like to create other leather centers/universities interested in setting up leather centers.

The consortium is made of 13 partners from Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Lithuania.

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