Building Sustainability Advisors for Greener Municipalities across Europe  

Environmental concerns and climate change are urgent global threats that necessitate national and international involvement, but above all focused local actions. Actually, the abundance of problems affecting the sustainable development in any human community may only be successfully addressed if approached locally.

But municipalities across Europe often lack the strategic know-how when it comes to facing new challenges such as sustainability. The different municipal sectors (environment, urban planning, economic and social development, and social services) area are all in a need of employees with green skills to help create initiatives, practices and actions to solve different problems related to sustainable development like energy efficiency, zero waste, social inequality, environmental protection, etc.

Green skills in the area of sustainable development are the capacities this project seeks to build for European municipalities and thus enable them to more efficiently cope with the local challenges related to sustainable development.

To achieve the objectives, the project offers a training program “Green skills for sustainable development of municipalities”, and an accompanying game “Green-ability”, with the aim to build the capacities of the municipal employees and other stakeholders.

This is only a starting point in the provision of a sustainable VET program that will offer qualifications certificated on national and international level for public servants trained to solve challenges to sustainable development.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU, and managed by CIAPE in partnership with organisations from France (coordinator), Macedonia, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece.

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