Leveraging sport to tackle gender inequalities

The European Project Le Sport Egal – “Leveraging sport to tackle gender inequalities” has the objective to train and sensitise youth leaders and sports instructors to the issues of gender equality, encouraging them to deliver sports activities that are free of stereotyping. The project also aims to make young people aware of the importance of gender diversity in sports.

The Europe 2020 strategy brings out gender equality as a lever of economic growth, employment, social cohesion and sustainable development. The European Parliament resolution of 2012/2116(INI) insists that ‘gender roles are shaped and imposed through a variety of social influences, including education’.

Through practising sport, young people can informally acquire important skills and attitudes, including leadership, discipline, empathy, teamwork and self-confidence. But often the learning process is shaped by gender segregation. Some key competencies for working life, such as leadership and self-confidence, are taught mainly through predominantly male sports activities, whereas empathy or self-discipline are taught through sports normally undertaken by females. A similar gender segregation can be observed in working life.

Youth leaders and sports instructors have a crucial role to play. At schools, day camps and out-of-school clubs they teach young people the skills for life. It is therefore crucial that we sensitise and train these people on these issues.

Ciape and the other project partners from Romania, France and United Kingdom have developed important instruments in order to reach the objectives established:

– Digital learning materials on gender equality in sport activities for youth leaders and sports instructors. These will be used in education and training centres and can be easily integrated into existing training programmes.

– A trainer’s guide to accompany the digital learning materials. This provides guidance on educational methods and facilitation techniques.

– An awareness guide on the effects of gender issues in sports activities for youth and sports organisations. This guide will help these organisations to integrate a gender equality approach into their practices.

– A definition of the Egalitarian Youth and Sports Instructor in the format of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

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