Mixité des métiers – Emploi à la clé

Career counsellors and Employment Office professionals provided with tools and information to support the professional reconversion of unemployed women towards jobs traditionally considered “for men only” to tackle unemployment and transversal segregation in the labour market.

The project “Mixité des métiers, Emploi à la clé” aims to enrich training offers for Employment Offices professionals and to present to unemployed women the opportunities offered by the labour market sectors usually consider for men only. Specific objectives of the project are to raise awareness on the importance to contrast transversal segregation, develop women’s competences, value informal competences, foster participation in the labour market, fill job requests in some labour market sectors. The project aims at providing new competences to Employment offices professionals, raise awareness of the employers and instil in women a positive attitude towards a professional reconversion.

Among the main project outputs there is a collection of interviews to women who passed trough a professional reconversion, and a set of guidelines for the Employment offices professionals to develop new competences and skills. The Guidelines are based on desk research and outcomes of the interviews.

Guided visits have been organized for 50 selected unemployed women to enterprises where women are employed in roles and in sectors with a prevalence of men.

The partnership comprises 5 organisations from France, Italy and Bulgaria.

More info at ciape@ciape.it

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