Open educational resources for a new model of long-term care at nursing homes, based on dignity and wellbeing of the elderly

For years there has been a debate about the lack of adequacy of benefits and services for those who need long-term care. Currently, the necessity to redefine the model of care for the elderly is being considered due to its obsolete nature. People aspire to continue to develop their own life projects according to their preferences. They claim the right not only to treat their illness but to reduce their dependency and the promotion of personal autonomy and the inclusion of active life; a right that has been recognized in the legislation of all European countries.

Thus, different European countries have developed some new business models of integrated care centred on people. A Comprehensive Person-Centred Care Model (CPCC Model) requires new competencies and roles for its working performance. A new professional figure emerges in this area as the PROFESSIONAL OF REFERENCE IN NURSING HOMES FOR THE APPLICATION OF THE CPCC MODEL (CPCC PROFESSIONAL). This profile is defined as a qualified technician, responsible for the coordination of services in the residential centre. In general, he/she is able to: carry out person-centred attention, to use appropriate communication skills and to coordinate and generate resources in order to facilitate the autonomy and well-being of the elderly (psychosocial, environmental, technological, socio-medical, etc.). These new professionals will always work under national/regional social policies to achieve their aims.

In addition, the Professional of reference will develop his/her tasks according to the national / regional social policies.

The New-Care project aims to develop specific training materials for the emerging figure of the PROFESSIONAL OF REFERENCE IN LONG-TERM CARE FACILITIES FOR THE APPLICATION OF THE CPCC MODEL”, as a key figure in the shift towards a new management model aimed at ensuring the dignity and well-being in residences for the elderly (Comprehensive Person-Centred Care Model – CPCC) through preventing dependency and providing the elderly residents with an independent lifestyle.

The partnership is made of 5 organisations from Spain, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria and Denmark.

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