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European Culture and values for a smooth integration of migrants and refugees


Refugees crisis and other non EU migration issues are challenges that have to be tackled urgently in Europe. Besides the humanitarian aid (need for food, housing and basic goods for refugees, migrant families and young people), it is urgent to react in providing refugees with basic skills and the first elements for a smooth integration  in their EU receiving countries.

Experience has shown in recent years that massive migration and refugees’ exodus has a big impact in receiving countries, leading to difficult integration and undesired side effects such as xenophobia from local population.  Xenophobia, social exclusion, discrimination at work causes discontent with sudden awakening from the “European dream”. This can cause marginalization and radicalization of migrants and their families with subsequent undesired side effects such as the terrorists’ attacks in Paris and in Brussels.

The Paris declaration, adopted at the Informal Meeting of the EU Education Ministers in Paris on 17 March 2015, gave the strong signal that, in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of January 2015, Ministers wanted to boost EU-level cooperation in the acquisition of social, civic and intercultural competences, by promoting fundamental rights, social inclusion and non-discrimination, intercultural dialogue in all forms of learning.

Many best practices from the non formal and basic adult education provided by NGOs, charity organizations and social services at local governments are developed in different countries, but they are disperse and non complete, providing with some training directed towards migrant and refugees target groups, while there is not a well structured teachers training or train the trainers in this field.

This project brings together all the expertise and innovation from Italy, Spain, Germany and UK  that have been developed in formal and non formal education contexts, for the benefit of teachers and trainers all over Europe.

The project aims to:

– Provide trainers and adult educators with innovative and focussed teaching techniques useful for migrants and refugees adult learners.

– Provide migrants and refugees with new self learning materials to complement classroom or face to face training.


All training materials are open source and downloadable.

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