Occupational safety and risk control in construction and metal industry sectors

“OccuSafeInCMIS – Occupational safe and risk control in construction and metal industry sectors” is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership involving five organizations from Turkey, Slovakia, Italy, Turkey and Bulgaria.

The project aims at making contribution to both vocational high school students and employees & employers in construction and metal industry sectors in terms of developing their basic and transversal skills using innovative ICT based methods as well as raising awareness.

Indeed, one of the main problems of labour market consists in occupational health and safety (OHS).  According to current International Labour Organization (ILO) data, in 2,8 billion labour force, 340 million occupational accidents happen and 2 million people are dead due to these accidents all over the World. (ILO-2013). Beside the costs for employee and employer, occupational accidents also have costs for national economy. For this reason it is essential to act in line with the motto “preventing is cheaper and more humanistic than paying”.

Thanks to the project “Occupational Safety and Risk Control in Construction and Metal Industry Sectors” loss of labour force and production will be reduced. The aim of the project is to contribute to vocational education with the aspects of occupational health and safety. Importance of occupational health and safety is increasing both in Europe and Turkey. In terms of awareness, however, vocational education institutions are not at the desired level in Turkey. Occupational Safety and Risk Control in Construction and Metal Industry Sectors project shall aim to increase the awareness of occupational health and safety among the students of vocational schools, employees and employers and to increase the implementation capacity of EU acquis in Turkey.

With this aim:

  • a vocational education module is developed for the metal sector students in order to increase their knowledge and awareness about occupational health and safety;
  • sectoral occupational education module is prepared to address the problems of construction workers and employers;
  • a best practices handbook and a Glossary on Risk Terminology is prepared to enhance capacity development of workers, employers and students.

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