Emotional literacy and resilience among people in distress.

Resilience and empathy play a vital role in navigating uncertainty, such as the ongoing pandemic and the impacts of war, especially in our digitally evolving society. In situations of vulnerability, it is crucial to empower individuals to fight for their rights and foster social inclusion.

The Re-Empathy Project aims to address these needs by promoting emotional literacy and resilience among people in distress. Through personalized learning modules and activities, this project aims to empower social professionals and adult educators to motivate and guide adults in developing essential social skills, personal growth, and adaptability.

The Re-Empathy Project focuses on capacity building for two main target groups:
– professional trainers
– educational staff working directly with adult individuals in distress.

A range of methodologies, including play-based learning, explorative approaches, experiential learning, and co-creative techniques, are developed. These methodologies are structured in a modular format with clear learning outcomes. By equipping trainers and educators with effective tools, the project seeks to foster connections, engagement, and empowerment among learners.

The simplified online/hybrid training platform serves as a hub for delivering training content and is accompanied by comprehensive guidelines and training modules for facilitators.

To ensure accessibility, a technical partner with extensive experience in adapting complex platforms for users with limited digital literacy has been involved. This partnership will facilitate the effective utilization of the online training platform by professionals and learners.

The project pilots the training with professional trainers and pedagogical staff from Portugal, Italy, and Denmark. 

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