New Footwear Designer qualifications for sustainable products that comply with the emerging demands of circular economy  

There is an increasing pressure for reducing the environmental footprint of the industrial activities and for slowing down the climate change. European Union has launched the “European Green Deal” action to boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean, circular economy in order to make the EU’s economy sustainable. Previous projects and research efforts are mainly focused on eco-design tools and methodologies. However, other important dimensions of sustainability such as the economy and the society are not given adequate attention.

The project aims to anticipate the job-related requirements of the future footwear designers more effectively and explore innovative business /entrepreneurship models based on sustainable products and footwear design for the circular economy, as well as to develop new methodologies and learning tools for re-engineering the training process targeted to the existing and future designers of the footwear industry.

Main results:

  • An analysis of the characteristics of footwear design in terms of the sustainability.
  • A new framework for career guidelines and paths for sustainable footwear design.
  • A MOOC on “Footwear Design for the Circular Economy”.
  • A Book with lectures on “Footwear Design for the Circular Economy”.
  • New and innovative business / entrepreneurship model based on footwear design for the circular economy.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU, and managed by CIAPE in partnership with organisations from Turkey (coordinator), Greece, Romania, Portugal and France.

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