Developing women´s skills for the future labour market

Connecting women from different EU countries in order to set a network of support and informal professional guidance system.

Labour market forecasts point out that the future labour market will require new skills and the qualification levels demanded will be higher. For this reason, women should act to access to the future labour market in better conditions avoiding the skill mismatch by means of innovative guidance systems.

Society is facing a great challenge nowadays due to the global economic crisis. The situation of women in the labour market before the credit crunch was improving: the gender employment gap was starting to reduce during the last years and the trend seemed to continue as more women were participating in the labour market. Furthermore, women have been obtaining better qualifications and university students have been mainly women. The crisis may act as a real downturn where actions are required to assure the achievements in gender equality and prevent the risk that recession put greater pressure on women.
CIAPE has worked with other European partners from Spain, Bulgaria, Ireland and Poland, in order to:
– explore innovative and informal professional guidance system based on virtual volunteering, collaboration and mutual knowledge sharing;
– establish an informal network where women from different educational backgrounds can exchange their experiences in the labour     market and training pathways acting alternatively as mentor-user;
– prepare women for the future labour market requirements giving them options to reduce their own skills mismatch;
– provide women with practical and useful tools for their job search, work-life balance, training, etc.;
– encourage the dialogue among professionals working in gender and labour market issues.

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