Textile Strategy for Innovative Higher Education

The project aims at transferring Research & Innovation knowledge to students of higher education institutes and trainees of the Textile/Clothing Sector via project based learning.

The main outputs produced are:

  • Virtual internship / training programs and a Virtual Project Competition;
  • Need analysis and state of the art for transferring research and innovation in the textile/clothing manufacturing sector;
  • Training program and e-learning contents for transferring research and innovation (DOWNLOAD IT);
  • Online Platform for Transferring Research and Innovation through project based training;
  • Innovative and Creative thinking in the Textile/Clothing sector-Book of lectures for Intensive summer  training course;
  • Project handbook of good practices & open challenges: training tools and methodologies to foster creativity  and innovation within the textile and clothing manufacturing sector”.

The project partnership consists of 10 organisations from Spain, Romania, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Portugal.

Contact us at training@ciape.it

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