Coaching talents

The COACH Project, launched in late autumn 2020 thanks to the fruitful collaboration between CIAPE and UNITED WAY ESPAÑA as part of the YOUTH CHALLENGE CELLNEX Program, aims to combat early school leaving through the recognition and enhancement of the employability potential and talents of young people between 15 and 16 years.


The first phase of the project, in line with a train-the-trainer approach, aims to train teachers-volunteers so that they acquire skills and techniques to activate coaching and mentoring courses for/with second-year students of a Rome-based public technical institute specialized in telecommunications, and therefore motivating them in the continuation of their studies, guiding them in the world of work, strengthening their awareness about their vocations and not only about the labor market forecasts.


The activities are designed so that young people, directly involved during the second phase of the project, get to know (albeit virtually) the business context of an established and sectorally defined international reality as Cellnex is, familiarizing themselves with the departments that characterize it and gaining independence in the definition of a concrete action plan oriented towards their future employability in the telecommunications world.


The tools and techniques of humanistic coaching acquired during the training aim to allow each coach to make values and life lived consistent in the eyes of the young people, through reflective and relational training, so that entering the world of work becomes a purpose for them, rather than a mere duty or impersonal expectation.

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