Training for entrepreneurship, improving the women’s employment.


The female entrepreneur in Europe: enhancing entrepreneurship among unemployed women.

This project aims to create the profile of female entrepreneur in Europe, defining the specific set of skills to be acquired and developing innovative training materials with the purpose to spread entrepreneurship culture among unemployed women.

One of the major problems of the current economic crisis is the unemployment, and in particular the long-term unemployment that affects social cohesion and could hinder growth. Self employment is one of the most effective solutions especially for women, the target group mostly affected by the crisis. Furthermore, only 3 self-employed people out of 10 are women, therefore female entrepreneurship potential is missed as a source of economic growth and employment.
According to a study by the European Commission, there are three types of obstacles that women usually face to start a business: contextual (traditional views and stereotypes about women, science and innovation knowledge gaps), economic (“less financial credibility” for women), and other “minor” obstacles (lack of access to technical, scientific and business networks, lack of information on business and guidance models, and lack of entrepreneurial skills).

Training is an essential tool to promote entrepreneurship culture and to let unemployed women become autonomous entrepreneurs. They need to acquire knowledge, skills and qualifications which will help them to facilitate personal development, employability and participation in the European labour market.
CIAPE is involved in this project together with other 5 EU Partners from Spain, Poland, Bulgaria and Greece, to pursue some relevant objectives:
– Establishing the profile of entrepreneur women in Europe.
– Developing a guide of good practices that includes European experiences about entrepreneurship.
– Developing training materials on entrepreneurship that could be used in various training and educational environments.
– Promoting a culture of entrepreneurship among (long-term) unemployed women.

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More info: training@ciape.it

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