Social Media Strategy for Non-Profit Organisations

Social Media Strategy for Non-Profit Organisations

Discover Rome and learn how to establish an effective communication and dissemination strategy through social media without advertising budget

How can we value and support the work and brilliant projects of non-profit organizations through social media and other digital channels?

In this training course, we will share a strategic model borrowed from for-profit brands and also utilized by our organization to set up effective, efficient and empathetic communication that allows achieving desired goals, even without investing in advertising budgets.

Target group

Members of non-profit associations and organizations,

Teachers and school staff,

Project managers,

Aspiring social media strategists

Why should you choose us?

  • Visiting Rome is always a good choice!
  • We offer an edutainment approach,
  • The course contents are innovative, relevant, and clearly traceable to their use in work context
  • Participants will come into contact with different practices and experiences, benefiting from intercultural learning and establishing contacts for future cooperation and exchanges
  • Our teachers’ work is inspired by the Principles of the Pedagogy of Beauty©, shifting the focus from mere transmission of knowledge to building meaningful and empathic relationships.
Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a content strategy that reflects the organisation’s values and goals.
  • Create engaging contents, including text, images and video, tailored to the specific social platforms.
  • Plan a publishing schedule that optimises audience engagement over time.
  • Implement storytelling practices to emotionally connect with the audience and convey the organisation’s message.
  • Apply user engagement strategies to stimulate interaction and achieve project-specific goals (questionnaires, surveys, events, etc.).
  • Understand the key metrics of social platforms and use analytical tools to assess the effectiveness of activities.
  • Adopt an ethical, responsible and inclusive approach to the use of social media,
  • Collaborate effectively with the internal team to ensure consistency and alignment in managing the organisation’s digital communication.
  • Evaluate the overall success of the social media strategy against pre-defined objectives and make continuous improvements.

The methodology is based on a combination of theoretical insights, successful case studies and hands-on practical sessions.

During the theoretical sessions, participants will explore audience engagement strategies, best practices in creating engaging content, and techniques to increase the organisation’s visibility by exploiting the mechanisms of social algorithms. Proven methods and practical tips on how to adapt social platforms to the specific communication and dissemination needs of the non-profit organisation will be shared.

Practical exercises will be a crucial element of the course. Participants will have the opportunity to directly apply the concepts learnt by creating posts for different social platforms, planning a content strategy and analysing metrics to assess the effectiveness of their initiatives.

In addition, we will foster interaction and exchange of ideas among participants, encouraging discussion on common challenges and innovative solutions.

Day-by-day programme

Day 1 

  • Welcome and mutual presentation
  • Ice-breaking activities
  • European values and course related policies
  • European lunch
  • Enjoying Rome city centre

Day 2 

  • Focus on learning outcomes
  • The right social channels 
  • The ‘stainless’ idea
  • Examples and success stories

Day 3 

  • The ‘perfect plan’
  • Exercise ‘Rewrite”
  • Mutual exchange of experiences and best practices

Day 4 

  • Not only social media
  • The Ciape method
  • ‘Your Editorial Plan’ exercise
  • Focus on contents’ application in different contexts

Day 5 

  • Further steps to follow up
  • Feedback
  • Certificates cerimony
  • Participants departure


Course pre-registration is free of charge!

Just fill the form expressing your interest. Only after enough pre-registrations are made, we can confirm the course and start planning our time together!


Cassandra Menga

Digital Expert and Google Partner with over 10 years of experience in strategic communication and digital marketing for for-profit brands including Eataly, Remax, LeoStudioDesign, Prestitalia, Roboze, 3Store. In recent years she has started collaborating on European projects with national and international organisations and is currently a consultant, facilitator and trainer for Ciape. She teaches social media marketing, digital storytelling, online communication strategy, content marketing and search advertising with Google Ads.

Date and Place

25-29 November 2024

CIAPE seat

Pz.le Roberto Ardigó 30


400 € per person

Including: training and tuition fees, access to training material, ice-breaking and sight-seeing activities, coffee-breaks, administration and organisational costs, Certificate of attendance, Mobility and Europass documents



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