EAFY – European Animators For Youth

European Animators For Youth project aims to reinforce knowledge, skills and competences for youth workers at European level. Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, the project is carried out by partners from France, Belgium, Germany and Italy.

According to the European policy of recognition of competences, in this field there is no harmonisation across EU countries and animators from one country are not qualified as for other Member States’ rules. Furthermore, this lack does not support mobility of animators at European level.

For this reason, the project aims to deliver a European Curriculum for European Animators suitable for all EU countries. It intends to design and deliver an online training course at EU level, including the essential roots (KSC – knowledge, skills and competences, in compliance with the Cedefop terminology), as well as transversal and personal skills which are fundamental to manage groups of youngsters.

At the end of the project, a brand new European Qualification Framework will be delivered, allowing all countries to implement it in their national competences framework.

European Animators for Youth project will then set up a modular training where learning objectives are settled to fulfil requirements of the different national diplomas. Training objects will be designed to support development of needed KSCs, and learners will be evaluated as required according to European tools  (EQF) and will receive a certificate issued and signed by the consortium partners. The assessment methodology will be based on practical experiences, such as group workshops, case studies, and personal presentations. Trainings will be done online and locally, including also practical activities.

The main results of the Project will be:

  • A European Animator for Youth Curriculum;
  • A brand new European Qualification Framework (EQF/CEC) for the European Youth Animator;
  • An eLearning course for European Youth Animators.


  • Commune de Carbon-Blanc (France) – lead applicant
  • Aux Couleurs du Deba (France)
  • Centro Italiano per l’apprendimento permanente (Italy)
  • Business Training SA (Belgium)
  • Stadt Bochum (Germany)

Want to discover more about the project? Write us! opportunities@ciape.it or menna.ciape@gmail.com

Download the project leaflet

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