Exchange of intercultural expertise on social inclusion

The AVIK project, funded under the Erasmus Plus programme of the European Union, takes the roots into two EU-level priorities:

  • social inclusion of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and people in precarious living conditions;
  • extension / consolidation of the expertise of adult educators.

The social integration of the above-mentioned target groups is a macrosocial process aimed at peaceful coexistence between different population groups. Mutual understanding and openness between the local and immigrant populations are important prerequisites for achieving this goal. For the population groups living in Europe, social integration means participation in public life.

With this in mind, the project consortium will transfer, regionally adapt and evaluate 3 “good-practice models” by 3 European project partners for all European partners and other institutions. The following concepts, which have already been in use successfully for social integration for several years (migrants, asylum seekers, but also people who are in precarious conditions) have been selected after a joint consultation process to be transferred, tested and evaluated in the Member States in the frame of a 2-year-long work programme:
1. DinnerClub (weekly cooking event BY and FOR migrants BY and FOR locals);
2. Diversonopoly (intercultural board game);
3. New Start: European Culture and Values (teaching material for refugees and migrants). CIAPE will be precisely entrusted with the transfer of this good-practice model.


  • Lead partner: WHKT, Germany
  • VondiConsulting, Portugal
  • Datca Ilce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu, Turkey
  • Centre for the Greek language, Greece
  • Centro italiano per l’apprendimento permanente, Italy
  • Caritas Coimbra, Portugal
  • Amics de la biblioteca de la Fonteta, Spain

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