Heritage Valorization for small local Communities

Approved by the National Agency ERASMUS+ INDIRE the HE.CO project “HEritage Valorization for small local COmmunities” prepared by CIAPE together with ANCI LAZIO, leader of the proposal.
The project, involving partners from the Netherlands, Lithuania, Malta and Slovenia, during its 24 months aims to promote a path for museum system operators, local officials and administrators (in particular from small centers), aimed at developing knowledge and the acquisition of skills for the enhancement of the vast cultural heritage spread over their territory.
Through the exchange of good practices and study visits in each of the countries involved, the HE.CO project addresses the following main aspects for the development of new models and shared tools:
1. develop an aggregated vision of cultural services for the creation of systems;
2. encourage the participation of civil society in asset management and define together what forms can be put in place to ensure continued commitment;
3. lay the foundations for the participation of private entrepreneurs in the promotion of heritage;
4. improve the communication of heritage (web, social, traditional).
Target group of HE.CO project are the operators of the museum systems and the administrators of the small centers that are directly responsible for the implementation of these actions.

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