“Non routine skills” via interactive games for mobile devices

INTOUCH is an innovative approach enabling new generations of workers to develop their crucial non routine skills – in a labour market oriented way, in a flexible way, and in a technological innovative way – according to the new exigencies of the labour market.

In 2020, almost three quarters of jobs will be in services, especially in business services (such as IT, insurance or consultancy). In the service sector, there is a clear tendency towards the broadening of the required skills portfolio linked to “non-routine” tasks. This reflects the growing demand from employers for transversal key competencies, such as problem solving, self-management and communication, more generally “non-routine skills”.

To meet the current and future market changes, the enterprises and their staff have to cope with these changes. That is why our main goal is to provide place-bound and busy employees with more flexible pathways and an easier access to training offer. We will spread an innovative approach enabling new generations of workers from business services SMEs to develop their crucial non-routine skills via mobile Learning.

Following the “New Skills for New Jobs” strategy, the partners designed an ad hoc innovative m-learning kit for working adults about crucial “non-routine” skills, exploiting the new technologies of smart-phones for creating open and mobile didactical environments.

INTOUCH will bring mobile learning into SMEs everyday learning settings and improve interaction and collaboration, providing SMEs employees with key skills they need to answer to labour market requests and to deal with the transformations taking place in the economy.

Leonardo da Vinci – Development of Innovation

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