Strenghtening social skills of detainees and refugees through sport

The project aims to strengthen social competencies of people in precarious situations, prison staff and employees of the project organizations. The goal is a significant reduction of prejudices against detainees or refugees and the development and strengthening of social competencies, which are also of central importance for working life, such as the ability to deal with conflict, teamwork, leadership, responsibility, self-motivation, and others.

Through the participation in sports camps organised outside the normal living environment (refugee home, correctional facility), people in precarious living situations (e.g. prisoners, refugees) have the chance to practice outdoor sports such as climbing, mountain biking, geocaching, canyoning, trekking, canoeing, etc. that are particularly suitable for strengthening group and community spirit. During the two days camps, participants spend time together with representatives of the project organizations from the respective countries, as well as with support staff (correctional officers, refugee counsellors or similar). Besides practicing sports, the participants also take part in group discussions, and exchange their knowledge and experiences at transnational project meetings.

This project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, involves organisations from Italy, Germany (coordinator), Austria and Greece.

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