A new professional profile for the health care sector; qualified managers endowed with new managerial and soft skills necessary to cope with the nursing sector difficulties.

TAKE CARE project aims at contributing to the European priority “Assuring the Quality of Health Care in the European Union”.
About 5% of inhabitants of EU countries are aged 80+, and this percentage is expected to grow in the coming years. CEDEFOP reported already in 2009: “As European society ages, health care and related social services are becoming increasingly important. Member States are facing skills shortages in healthcare occupations such as nurses, medical specialists, and health technicians”.

This tells us that the demand for qualified nurses will increase crucially in the next years.
To meet this growing demand efficiently, first of all we have to consider the difficult working conditions that affect the sector, especially in relation to geriatrics. The Economist lists the following ones as the main problems: understaffing, high stress factors, high levels of administrative work and poor management skills.
In a framework like that, the professionals in health care area need to raise their competence level, becoming endowed with innovative skills, achieved within an overall lifelong learning strategy.

CIAPE, together with other 6 EU Partners from France, Spain, Poland, Germany, Greece and Austria, has achieved important key objectives:
– Develop innovative training material addressed to health care professionals in three fields: Management, Health and Safety at work and Soft skills, corresponding to the main difficulties these professionals face.
– Develop innovative ICT based learning modules; an e-handbook together with Mobile Games and Applications available in all partner languages.
– Adapt learning modules to EQF, improving the transparency and recognition of qualifications and competences, including those acquired trough non-formal and informal learning.
– Set up a European Peer-Development Network for Healthcare professionals to ease transnational sharing of experiences.
– Enhance mobility of the learners and the professionals of the targeted sector through the ECVET approach.

Transfer of Innovation

More info: ciape@ciape.it


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