Values, ideas and stories from youth on stage

Europe needs the vision, engagement and participation of all young people to build a better future, that is greener, more inclusive and digital. At the same time, young people need a stronger, more focused and inclusive Europe. Governments and institutions must meaningfully involve young people and youth organisations in policy-making processes. Co-management and co-creation structures are the best way to ensure direct participation. At the same time, young people should be seen as a body with the power to give answers to their needs and should be allowed to meet, share and exchange ideas and possible solutions.

The scope of the VISYON project is to create a network of organizations in 8 European countries, that will give young Europeans the necessary tools and a forum to talk about their needs and desires, voice their concerns and challenges, and share their stories, so as to encourage a vivid discussion about the efficacy of current European policies in serving the needs of the European youth and ways for their improvement.

Main results:

  • Diffused knowledge about the 11 Youth Goals and the relevant policies, insights into the efficacy of current European policies in serving the needs of the European youth, skills of self-reflection with respect to their own ideas/ways for policies’ improvement, and a stronger sense of belonging in the European society.
  • European Youth Diary: a compilation of stories, views, and recommendations of 264 young European citizens reflecting the current state of European policies efficiency to achieve the defined European Youth Goals, and enlisting a series of ways for its improvement.
  • Series of European Youth Goals short-movies: the heroes of the short movies will be young Europeans who manage to change some issues they face in their community by engaging with others, acting, influencing policy makers and producing a positive change in society.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU, and managed by CIAPE in partnership with organisations from Greece (coordinator), Bulgaria, Romania, Netherlands, Slovakia, Malta and Spain.

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