We strive for equity and social justice to be the core of every aspect in life, from adolescence to adulthood.

Living in a more and more diverse society recalls us constantly on the urgency of providing people (namely the under-represented groups and/or people at risk of social and professional exclusion) with what they need to lead a dignified life, also combating and preventing stereotypes and prejudices.


Developing women´s skills for the future labour market Connecting women from different EU countries in order to set a network of support and informal professional guidance system. Labour market forecasts point out that the future labour market will require new skills and … Read More


Mixité des métiers – Emploi à la clé Career counsellors and Employment Office professionals provided with tools and information to support the professional reconversion of unemployed women towards jobs traditionally considered “for men only” to tackle unemployment and transversal segregation in the labour market. The project … Read More


Training for entrepreneurship, improving the women’s employment. The female entrepreneur in Europe: enhancing entrepreneurship among unemployed women. This project aims to create the profile of female entrepreneur in Europe, defining the specific set of skills to be acquired and developing … Read More


Supporting intergenerational learning and volunteering SILVIA – “Supporting intergenerational learning and volunteering as a mean for inclusion through autobiographical learning” is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership involving six organisations coming from Sweden, France, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Croatia, all active in the … Read More

Gender +

Gender identities in VET education

YOUTH Re-Working Rural

The project involves rural areas characterized by different pre-assessed economic vocations but are experiencing common territorial challenges such as an economic reconversion from traditional sectors (i.e. agriculture and manufacturing) to services sector and knowledge based activities, low population density, decrease … Read More


Leveraging sport to tackle gender inequalities

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