We see opportunities in human-centric digital transformation

We are committed to make new internet-related jobs and the relevant qualifications more readable across Europe, our Pole star being the awareness that aether and robots will never take our jobs as long as we will keep our human peculiarities: passion and creativity, above all.


Innovative Methods of Adult Education for the Future of Europe Funded under the Erasmus+, the “Innovative Methods of Adult Education for the Future of Europe” project aims at contributing to tackle the refugee crisis currently faced by the European Union, through the … Read More


Skills for Smart Textile, Clothing, Leather and Footwear Industries The need to anticipate and enhance adequate skills and learning methods as well as to attract and qualify workers has brought together 21 public and private stakeholders of the Textile, Clothing, … Read More


GReen IT Node – CH


Identification and definition of emerging eCommerce and Online-Marketing job profiles During the last few years Internet has changed the way Europeans buy and sell, communicate, interact, advertise and promote. The new media and continuous innovations in electronic devices are changing … Read More


Future Time Traveller The world has entered a new era – the one of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Futurists and experts expect that 2 billion jobs that exist today will disappear by 2030 (Frei) and that 65% of children entering … Read More


ICT in textile and clothing higher education and business


Video in Education Process

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