The stability of our interconnected global system rests on the equilibrium of its components: people, planet and prosperity.

Sustainability means environment (protection), economy (prosperity) and (social) equity at once. This is for us an analytical concept, thus a way of looking at the world, and a regulatory one, or a way of acting within our Planet towards specific objectives.

Art and Recycling

Unnecessary – useful and aesthetic. Creative approach to recycling The partnership project “Unnecessary – useful and aesthetic. Creative approach to recycling” is an innovative project, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. It matches the idea of sustainable development and lifelong learning. … Read More



Heritage Valorization for small local Communities Approved by the National Agency ERASMUS+ INDIRE the HE.CO project “HEritage Valorization for small local COmmunities” prepared by CIAPE together with ANCI LAZIO, leader of the proposal.The project, involving partners from the Netherlands, Lithuania, … Read More


GReen IT Node – CH

YOUTH Re-Working Rural

The project involves rural areas characterized by different pre-assessed economic vocations but are experiencing common territorial challenges such as an economic reconversion from traditional sectors (i.e. agriculture and manufacturing) to services sector and knowledge based activities, low population density, decrease … Read More


Boosting youth entrepreneurship in rural areas through co-working and start-up incubators in the era of circular economy


Knowledge & Technology Transfer of Emerging Materials & Technologies through a Design-Driven Approach

From Zero to Hero

Wise Energy Use Volunteering Scheme for Youngster

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