We are convinced that an inclusive society does not treat everyone the same, but treats people in such a way that the outcome for each person can be the same.

Nowadays it is more and more of high importance to adjust the private and public sphere reasonably in order to enhance people’s capabilities and to compensate restricted work or social capacities through, for example, person-centred assistance or targeted in-work benefits suitable for people to fulfil his or her full potential.


Innovative Methods of Adult Education for the Future of Europe


European Animators For Youth


Supporting intergenerational learning and volunteering SILVIA – “Supporting intergenerational learning and volunteering as a mean for inclusion through autobiographical learning” is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership involving six organisations coming from Sweden, France, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Croatia, all active in the … Read More


In contatto con il mercato del lavoro: nuove competenze non routinarie attraverso il mobile game


Entrepreneurship in lifelong learning for young people and teachers/trainers Fostering and improving entrepreneurial skills of both unemployed young people and VET teachers/trainers. The main aim of the project EnYouthTeacher is to cover both needs: training trainers and training young people … Read More


Promoting Management and Entrepreneurial Thinking among the career counselors and guidance practitioners in the EU societies


Boosting youth entrepreneurship in rural areas through co-working and start-up incubators in the era of circular economy


Empowerment through Empathy in Non-formal Education


Open educational resources for a new model of long-term care at nursing homes, based on dignity and wellbeing of the elderly

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